Hello and welcome!

My name is Hanna and I live and work in Bremen, Germany.

Ever since I learned to knit, knitting is my all time favourite hobby. Not only can I create beautiful clothes in just the way I like them. Knitting also helps me to take my mind off things and relax.

This is how I started designing. I hope my patterns will bring you joy and every item you make from them will be a great and longlasting extention to your closet.

When I design a new pattern I always keep several things in mind. First is the material I want to use and its effect on how the garment fits and drapes. Then I think about the techniques I enjoy the most when I knit, so that I can create a pattern that is both fun to knit and a tiny bit challenging to keep things interesting. But most important to me is, that you are very happy with each item created from my patterns and that you can wear your finished objects proudly.

If I am not knitting, I like to spend my time in the garden, where I love to watch everything grow and change throughout the seasons. What can be better than knitting while being surrounded by lavender, rosemary and thyme?

Warm regards and happy knitting!